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If you are interested in learning how to paint, Jon offers three short courses through out the year taught in his Cornwall studio. The courses are specified by subject and cover still life, portraiture and landscape, see below for the specific details of each course. The students will be taught a full break down of how to make an oil painting, from start to finish, with numerous technical advice and tips along the way.

Spaces are limited to 10 students per course.


Still life

7th - 9th January 2019, Jon’s Cornish Studio (materials provided)


A three day workshop surveying the fundamentals of representational painting focusing on tonal values, composition, form, colour identification and mixing and mark making. The subject will be a range of still life setups with students working in oils. The aim will be to understand the foundational skills of painting.

Jon will share with students the process by which he paints and offer some short demonstrations at different stages to illustrate what he is teaching to the group.

The course includes advice on studio practice such as how to set yourself up at home with the right brushes, paints and setting out your palette with practical exercises over the three days. This indoor course takes place in the intimate setting of Jon’s own studio in Falmouth, Cornwall.


5th - 10th January 2019, Jon’s Cornish Studio (materials provided)


A four day workshop that will equip students, of any level of previous experience, with the necessary tools to achieve a likeness of the portrait model with oil paint. These tools explored on the course relate to four main relationships: 1)The shapes of features in relation to each other 2) the relationship between light and dark. 3) the relationship between warm and cool. 4) The relationship between soft and sharp edges.

The process Jon will teach will be a combination of both sight-size painting and comparative observational painting. Particular focus to each of these will be spread across the four days, culminating in an 'alla-prima' (wet-on-wet paint) sketch that utilises all of them at once.

Much of the tuition will be one-to-one as Jon goes around the group and as such the teaching is very much tailored to the level of each individual student whatever the level of their previous experience. Two portrait models will be used at all times during the course.



13th - 15th may 2019, meet at the studio and then on to LOCATION

(materials provided)


Located out in the dramatic Cornish landscape, Jon will take students to some of his favourite local spots for a plein-air based course. Students will be equipped in how to simplify their materials to the very essentials, and then will go to a number of sites. Plein-air painting provides a number of different obstacles, of which Jon will show how to navigate.