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Jon Doran
Online portfolio of contemporary painter Jon Doran

"I am interested in taking classical subjects of still life, portraiture and figures in landscape and rearticulating them through a digitally influenced and fragmented approach to painting.

Maurice Denis spoke of 'before a painting is a war horse, or a nude, it is first simply an arrangement of colour, lines and shapes.' This duality is fascinating and I want to try to exploit it in my work. Hopefully viewers find themselves bouncing between engaging with the subject, the cup or floral arrangement for example, and the actual substance of paint, the streaks, dashes and marks. Almost like breaking the forth wall, I hope to coax the eye into believing the play of light on form, but then call it out and show that it's just paint on a surface.

I tend to paint different subjects in the search for emotionally charged atmospheres. Figures in woodlands, inspired by Caspar David Friedrich's 'Wanderers' are a constant. The groups of people tend to be navigating and working there way through dense shrubbery, which I find to be both visually interesting as well as philosophically pertinent. Also cups and flowers, an influence by the likes of Cezanne and Mondrian. These are an attempt to find profundity in the simple. The Portraits, well, what can I say other than painting peoples faces is totally fascinating.

I am interested in what it means to be a painter in the 21st century. What does cutting edge representational painting look like? I want to make work that harnesses traditional processes of the past, as well as utilizing the technologies of the modern day, to create both visually interesting and conceptually charged paintings. Hopefully my work isn’t just a mere example of mirror of current zeitgeists that will soon past, but rather it attempts to engage with deeper more fundamental and universal themes, of beauty, meaning and purpose."


Gallery Representation


Abend Gallery

1412 Wazee St

Unit 1

Denver, Co




Sol Art Gallery

Unit 3, The Times Building

D'Olier Street

Dublin 2



Lilford Gallery

3 Palace Street,






Hybrid Gallery

51 High Street,



EX14 1PW



2019 - February 22nd ‘Fragmentations’ Solo show - Lilford Gallery, Kent.

2018 - October ‘Arrangements’ Solo Show - Abend Gallery, Denver Co. USA

2018 - July Works on display at Sol Art Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

2018 – May. Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong – Rebecca Hossack gallery, London

2018 – April. Spring Group Show – Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London

2018 – February & October – Teaching still life painting at Newlyn School Of Art

2018 – March. Affordable Art Fair, London – Rebecca Hossack gallery, London

2017 – December. Works on display – Rebecca Hossack gallery, London

2017 – November. Affordable Art Fair, Singapore. Rebecca Hossack Gallery

2017 – October. Works on display Sol Art, Dublin

2017 – September. Manchester Buy Art Fair – Sol Art Gallery, Dublin

2017 – August. Works on display. Lilford Gallery, Canterbury Kent.

2017 - 21st April - 7th May. Solo Show, Beside The Wave Gallery, Primrose Hill, London

2017 - May - Flowering , Hybrid Gallery Devon

2016 - Autumn. 15th October - 5th November - Solo show at Lilford Gallery, Canterbury, Kent

2016 - Affordable Art Fair, Hamstead

2016 - 4th March - 24th March - Solo Show. Recent Paintings by Jon Doran Beside The Wave Gallery, Primrose Hill, London.

2015 - 31st Oct - 18th November - Paint and Perception. Recent Paintings by Jon Doran - Beside The Wave Gallery, Falmouth, Cornwall.

2015 - 9th July - Lost and Found - James Freeman Gallery, Islington, London

2015 January - Spring Show - Beside The Wave Gallery, Falmouth, Cornwall

2014 November 27th - 20th December - Garden Show - James Freeman Gallery, Islington, London

2014 October - MIDAS selection, Newlyn Contemporary Art Gallery.

2014 - July 21st - 28th - Limelight Submission - Falmouth Art Gallery, Falmouth, Cornwall

2014 - June 13th - 20th - Falmouth Degree Show, Falmouth School of Art, Falmouth Campus, Falmouth, Cornwall

2014 - January - Group show, Beside The Wave Gallery, Falmouth.

2013 21st August – 21st September In The Quiet Moments, Solo Exhibition, Espressini Artisan Coffee Falmouth

2013 The Cork Street Open Exhibition August 2013, 27 Cork Street Mayfair, London

2013 The IFES International Group Art Exhibition, Aix en Provence, France

2013 Secret Art for Water, Beside The Wave Gallery, Falmouth, Cornwall

2013 The Cork Street Open Exhibition, January 2013 27 Cork Street, Mayfair, London

2012 The Big Question Group Exhibition, Falmouth University,

2012 Cork Street Prize Winners Exhibition 2012, 27 Cork Street, Mayfair, London

2011 Jon Doran Solo Exhibition, 7th – 21st February 2011, Peche Art, Sandgate, Kent

2010 The 2010 Cork Street Open Exhibition, August 5th to 13thMay Fair, London

2010 End of year Show, University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone, Kent.

2010 Jon Doran and Tom Herman Two Man Show – Tunbridge Wells, Kent

2010 URBAN Three Man Show, Googies Art Cafe, Folkestone, Kent.

2009 The Decked Project, Stolen space Gallery, Brick lane, London.



2018 Painting Workshop, Florence Academy of Art

2011 – 2014  (BA) Hon Fine Art, University College Falmouth

2009 - 2010 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design University for the Creative Arts



Shortlisted for the MIDAS Award, Falmouth University, 2014

Young Artist Award, Cork Street Open Exhibition 2013

Honourable Mention and Catalogue cover image, Cork Street Open Exhibition 2010.